The bouquet with red, white carnations, it is sitting in a church. When I took a course on how to market my business it was 8 weeks long and I became quite close to a few of the girls in the class, when it was my turn to stand in front of everyone and pitch my business one of the girls was so impressed that when her mom passed away she wanted me to do the flowers. I really felt honored to be asked and she was so impressed that I came to the church and placed the bouquets where they would look the best, she knew I would take care of everything as customer service was the #1 in my books.

The tropical flower spray- was the very first one I did for one of the secretary’s of the school, it was for her brother that passed away and when she originally ordered it from Safeway they said they don’t do tropical and I remember her saying she was so disappointed as her brother loved Hawaii. I told her I can do tropical for you and she cancelled her order with Safeway and gave me the order.

The spray that has sunflowers and cat tails and the grains in it was done for a farmer in our area and this is what grew on his farm and his son ordered it as he is my mechanic who I only let work on my car. It brought tears to his eyes as he said everything in this spray is exactly what was on the farm and his dad would love it.

The one with the Urn in the center and flowers on both sides of it- This gal I have known for years and the pottery gal which is Heather Edwards we did this together, so Heather and I both personalized everything that this gal liked for her funeral. Both Heather and I felt very honored to do this.